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     Ralph Ziegler's artistry celebrates the    creation of God's most versatile creations.
His reverential regard for birds and his desire to express himself as an artist are intregral parts of each piece.

      A self-taught artist, Ralph has been    carving since 2008 and is strongly influenced by master carver Floyd Scholz.

     While observing birds in the wild and studying the nuances that make each species unique, combined with careful scrutiny of photographs, Ralph has honed his ability to capture the life essence of       each bird in exquisite detail. Wheather it be a songbird or bird of prey.

    Ralph's commissioned birds can be found in private collections around the world, and he also sells his Hawaiian birds at the Kokee Museum on the island of Kauai. The wood Ralph uses to carve his birds is called Tupelo found in the bayous of Louisiana. The eyes are glass and the feet are pewter. For the mounts, Ralph uses an oak base with either driftwood from local beaches and lakes or unique pieces found on hikes in the woods and forests of the countryside.

    Ralph demonstrates his art and displays his carvings at the Kenosha Public Museum on special dates.

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